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Guangzhou 2018 New Year's party will be held on February 13 in the garden hotel

Date: 2018-02-09

In 2018 New Year's ball in guangzhou will be February 13th night (28) of the lunar year is held in the garden hotel in guangzhou international conference hall.At this point, guangzhou has entered the spring 18 new dance.Yesterday, the New Year party held a press conference in guangzhou, Xiong Guyuan, Deng Chuqing, Zhou Xiaoyu, li bai, Zhang Chaoxi such as New Year's party "live sign" was present at the conference, to count their fate with New Year's party.

The New Year party to continue by 58 of guangzhou, guangdong sea rhyme culture communication co., LTD., jointly organized, guangdong sea rhyme culture communication co., LTD., to undertake.Of the sea rhyme culture company general manager, guangzhou New Year party planner Hu Huilian remind all participants, please press the men business suits and women dress dress codes to attend.

Xiong Guyuan singing "velvet flower" recall youth

This year, the tenor Xiong Guyuan will 18 consecutive year as host of the ball;TV presenter Deng Chuqing will also cooperate with Xiong Guyuan again, provide bilingual host for the party.In addition to hosting, Xiong Guyuan will sing at the party, he specially prepared a "velvet flower" this year.At the end of last year, this song for the movie "the youth" and return to the public view, once an army ensemble fighter, Xiong Guyuan was most impressed by the song again.Conference, Xiong Guyuan said: "my first 18 youth spent in the ensemble, the second 18 youth is devoted to guangzhou New Year party.So chose the song "edelweiss" this year, as the 18th birthday present to the New Year's party."

Gb nova and dance altogether celebrates 18 years old

Ballroom dancing performance is the most high-profile link every year New Year's party.Ballroom dancing performance this year will be divided into two sections: a is for guests to enjoy professional dance performance, performers are from guangdong sports vocational college professional dancers Yu Qian hotan Pei;Another is leading the guests interact with samba dance performances.

Yu Qian hotan Pei competition awards at home and abroad, as a pair of ballroom dancing industry rising star.Last year, two people first appeared in the New Year party in guangzhou, strength and soft elegant poise of the perfect fusion, let guests present.It is reported, they show one month in advance to prepare the New Year party, which will let guests.

It is interesting to note that Tian Pei is 18 years old this year, and New Year's party was "peers".She said: "with 18 birthday party celebrating New Year, I feel very happy."

National first-level actor Zhou Xiaoyu singing

The young soprano Zhou Xiaoyu guangzhou this year will continue to sing on New Year's party.Zhou Xiaoyu your promotion, it is worth noting that last year the national level of actors.From first young girl to acquire the now famous singer, guangzhou New Year party witnessing the growth of Zhou Xiaoyu.Had just arrived in guangzhou development of memories, Zhou Xiaoyu always forget the New Year party help to her: "for those of us who have just arrived in guangzhou actors, New Year's party is a great stage, I had a lot of exercise here."

In addition, in recent years, many times on behalf of the state visit to the show, known as the "new folk song world Jennifer," li bai, Zhang Chaoxi will once again into the ball, with is not the same as the new way of deductive singing folk songs;Coloratura soprano miss Jenny will be stunning appearance, singing the classical violin.