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Don't worry about urban tourism CARDS in hand swim guangzhou

Date: 2018-02-06

On February 5th, the guangzhou city travel card, the card within the specified time, credit card many times on guangzhou city public transport, and in more than 100 special attractions, scenic spots, hotels and restaurants to enjoy preferential discount function, is the domestic first to implement bus subway pass function and the function of a preferential card integrated tourism resources, will provide to guangzhou for business guests "ChiZhuHang tourist entertainment" integrated service, which can realize one cartoon swim in guangzhou.
Card 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours
It is reported that guangzhou city tourism card application covers more than 14000 sets of guangzhou city bus, and across the network of guangzhou metro, BRT, water ferry, APM and streetcars, and the whole city more than 100 tourism scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, including guangzhou tower, guangzhou long lung, etc.
Guangzhou city tourism card card 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours of three types, is 36 yuan, 56 yuan and 76 yuan respectively.Transportations to the guangzhou city travel CARDS in customer service center, follow-up will be major transport hub in guangzhou site, high-speed trains, airports, tourist information centers, hotels, attractions, the major travel agencies, transportations APP channels.
On February 5, a number of Chinese and foreign tourists in guangzhou city the first experience of tourists travel CARDS.Alicia from Spain to tell a reporter, "I've been to many parts of the world to travel, but for the first time to use this city travel CARDS.I will use this card bus, subway, experience of guangzhou people's lives."She also said that the card is used to scenic spots, hotels, consumer also have preferential, is very convenient, she will recommend this city tourism card to friends, let them also to experience the guangzhou charm.
Belong to the first in the country
"This is the overseas developed tourist cities to learn from.The difficulty of this card does not lie in technology but in resource integration."Liu Yumei guangzhou tourism bureau, said the city public transportation and depth of the tourism resources, this was the first at home, it will help to promote business guests and freedom of the convenience of tourists, attract and stimulating tourism consumption, to establish the international tourism city image demonstration significance, is showing guangzhou international tourist city beautiful card.

City travel card will base on the future, guangzhou city tourism resources and intelligent transportation resources sharing, the combination of "Internet +" urban tourism travel services online platform construction, extensions provide the guangzhou tourism electronic maps and an e-card, live-action introduce the guangzhou tourism reception facilities and other tourism information and tourism enterprise service function, push through online and offline synchronization issue, entity card combined with virtual value-added services, improve ease of use, to guangzhou international tourism city image card, open happy trip for the visitor to the ear.
Guangzhou city travel card holders can enjoy free access to public transport for many times, including bus lines) (excluding across the city, the subway (including the guangfo metro, guangzhou tram);The double-decker tour bus, boat docks can enjoy discounts when buying tickets;The city of more than 100 scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, etc. Get a discount.One man, one card, no prepaid phone and card.The first batch of guangzhou city travel CARDS issued in guangzhou transportations to customer service center.