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The Mid-Autumn festival, National Day double festival will come, guangzhou scrutiny catering illegal pricing ACTS

Date: 2018-09-23

On September 19 morning, organization of guangzhou national development and reform commission at the guangzhou restaurant price behavior rules (hereinafter referred to as the "rules") software, the district development and reform bureau, guangzhou food industry association, guangzhou hotel industry association, and the city part of the well-known catering enterprises attended the meeting.Conference, by the "rules" for the necessity of foreign related practices, formulated on the basis of, bright spot, and the key content detailed.

It was reported that zhuhai's diet culture is famous, more has the reputation of "eating in guangzhou", the restaurant industry is under the name of guangzhou, but in recent years restaurant industry price price behavior lead to rising consumer complaints, bring a certain degree of negative impact to the city;Order a meal at the same time, the Internet catering mode consumer and business operator information communication, lead to operator USES some non-standard price behavior mislead consumers phenomenon also happen from time to tome.
For this, by making the rules, to standardize the price behavior of city restaurant industry, guide and promote the healthy and orderly development of catering industry, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Double festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day holiday first by commission will be organize in the city price conduct special inspection of food and beverage enterprise, key check whether the operator is plain code marks a price according to the rules, whether the operator to carry out promotional activities express promotion, promotions, sales promotion rules, promotion period, sales promotion in the range of goods and services, and related content such as restrictive conditions, whether operators to offer consumers consumption when clearing and settlement listing, the operator whether to sell goods or provide services outside the price premium, or charge any not clearly, the operator whether unfair price behavior, such as price fraud.
The special inspection will supervise and urge each restaurant operators to carry out the rules, to purify the city catering consumption environment, maintaining the order of the city's food industry market prices, to prevent unfair price such as not plain code marks a price, price fraud behavior from happening.